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My BusyBook - Space


My Busy Books is lovingly designed to develop a variety of cognitive concepts and skills for toddlers who are in different stages of development. 

🪐There is no place like SPACE!🚀 3…2…1..Blast off!

Activities include:

SOLAR SYSTEM: The solar system for kids is a place of infinite mystery. Let’s start introducing the Sun and the 8 planets. What’s the order? What are the colours? 

MAMA/BABY MATCHING & COLOUR MATCHINGCan you help Mama Aliens find their babies? The red Alien mama is looking for her red spaceship, can you help her? 

SHADOW MATCHING: Here we can see 8 astronauts. Who are they? Can you match them based on their shadow? 

MOON PHASESSimple and fun activity to teach little ones what causes the moon phases and why does the moon appear to be different shape every night. 

SHAPES: Do you know shapes? There are lots of different shapes in space. Can you identify them?

ASTRONAUT & ROCKET: Do you know what astronauts wear in space & how rocket fly? 

STAR COUNTING: Let’s count the stars & learn some constellations. Game: let’s see who is the first to find the 3stars constellation. And at night time, look outside and ask what can you see in the sky. 

PUZZLE: Hello space! Let’s fill up the blanks & complete the puzzles. 

Start the game by assembling the book. 

It will be a quick family DIY project. My Busybook contains one busy book, a few answer sheets, and sets of velcro dots. All answer cards are pre-cut, no scissor, no mess, easy to assemble. Please check out the instruction video if you have any doubts.

Please check out the instruction video before you assembling the book. 
Important! Velcro hook side - book
                   Velcro loop side - cut out sheet


  • Format: Paperback
  • Country of Origin: New Zealand
  • Pages: 16
  • Dimensions (mm): 285x210x15mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Age: 2+
  • Special features: coated paper, soy-based ink, laminated waterproof, tear-resistant, rounded edges (no sharp points). 

Warning! Children under the age of 3 need to be adequately supervised by adults due to a number of loose components.

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