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My Busy Book - Construction


My BusyBook is lovingly designed to develop a variety of cognitive concepts and skills for toddlers who are in different stages of development. 

All About Construction 🚧

Activities include: 

Organise the tool box: Mix & Match different tools; introduce the name at the same time teach kiddos what is this tool used for, and show them the real ones. 

Match the shadow: Do you know which one is the crawler crane? And what is crawler crane used for in the construction site? 

Shapes: which sign is a circle? A triangle? Match them with the shape shadow. Introduce and recognise these 10 road signs, ask kiddos to point them out when they spot them in real life. Encourage road safety while playing this game. 

Truck repair: Recognise different parts of the heavy equipments, what is this heavy vehicle used for? Can you find the missing part, and repair the vehicle?

Counting: Let’s load up. Mama first picks a number, then ask “what’s this number? And can you place the same amount of the boxes/containers on the load?” Another way of playing: mama can first place some containers on the load, then ask “how many are there?”. 

Finish the pattern: Look at each pattern and then complete the missing one at the end of each row. It’s a logical game. 

Puzzle: It’s puzzle time! 

Just another fun game: Mama pick 1 out of the 6 pictures each time and ask little one to follow the pattern. Put the 3 vehicles in the right squares on the grid. Or you can play the other way around, mama set up the grid, and little one matches the right picture. 

You and your child start the game by assembling the book. 

It will be a quick family DIY project. My Busybook contains one busy book, a few answer sheets, and sets of velcro dots. All answer cards are pre-cut, no scissors, no mess, easy to assemble. Please check out the instruction video if you have any doubts.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Country of Origin: New Zealand
  • Pages: 16
  • Dimensions (mm): 285x210x15mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Age: 2+
  • Special features: coated paper, soy-based ink, laminated waterproof, tear-resistant, rounded edges (no sharp points). 

Warning! Children under the age of 3 need to be adequately supervised by adults due to a number of loose components.

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